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Magis God Wiki: Search Terms

Suggested Search Topics for this site

© Robert J. Spitzer, S.J.,/Magis Institute July 2011

This page was created to suggest a list of terms that can be searched by users to find topics of interest. Simply enter one of these terms into the search window at the upper right corner of the page, and click search, and you will get a list of every place in this Wiki where that term is used.

The letters after each term refer to the unit (divisions) where the terms are discussed. We hope this article is helpful, especially to users who are new to the Wiki format.

Aesthetic, C

Anthropic, D

--and strong force, D

- and supernatural design, D

- and universal constants, D

- and weak force, D

Atheism, I

- and evil, I

- and freedom, I

- and Freud, I

- indemonstrable, I

- and Marxism, I

- and suffering, I, K, L

- tenuous rationality of, I

--and wishful thinking, I

Beauty, C

- definition of, C

- and God, C

- and human mystery, C

- and mysticism, C

- perfect, C

- and transcendentals, C

Being, F

- and act, F

- and Aquinas, F

- and God, F

- and reality, F


- and the design of the universe, D

- in God, A - L

- reasonable and responsible, F

Bing Bang Cosmology, D

- description of, D

Black Holes, D

Bubble Universes (see also Pocket Universes), D

Causality, F, H

- and conditioned reality, F

- and contemporary physics, H

- and creator, F, H

- definition of, F, H

- and the metaphysical proof, F, H

- proximate, F, H

- and Russell, H

- and time, G, H

- transcendent, D, F, H

- ultimate, F

- and uncaused reality, F

- and unconditioned reality, F

Change, G

Chaotic Inflation, D

Choice, K

Condition, F

- and causality, F

- epistemological, F

- ontological, F

Conditioned Reality, F

Conscience, C

- and Aquinas, C

- and the good, C

- and Kant, C

- leading to God, C

- and Newman, C

Consciousness, B, C

- of God, C

Constants, D

- and anthropic universe, D

- and Carter, D

- and Davies, D

- definition of

- fine-tuning of, D

- and Hoyle, D

- kinds of , D

- and Penrose, D

- and supernatural design, D

- universal, D

Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) Radiation, D

Cosmological Constant (see also Vacuum Energy), D

Cosmological Fine-Tuning, D

Cosmology, D

Creation of Universe, D

- in classical Big Bang Cosmology, D

- in contemporary Big Bang Cosmology, D

- continuous, F

- and the finitude of past time, G

- and inflationary model universe, D

- and time, D&G

- and universal constants, D

Creator, D , F, G

- continuous, F

-of Everything, F

-of Time, G

-of Universe, D

Cyclic Ekpyrotic Universe, D

Dark Energy (see Vacuum Energy), D

Death, B

-and soul, B

-process of, B

-survival of, B

Design, D

- of universal constants,D

- vs. weak anthropic principle, D

Desire, A, C

-and happiness, A

- and identity, A

- for perfect Being, C

- for perfect Justice/Goodness, C

- for perfect Home, C

- for perfect Love, C

- and purpose, A

-and unhappiness

Desire to Know, C

Electron, D

Elements, D

Energy, D

- dark, D

- electromagnetic, D

- and fields, D

- and four universal forces, D

- and mass, D

- and space-time, D

- and universal constants, D

Entropy, D

- and an anthropic universe, D

- and finite duration of universe, D

- and Roger Penrose, D

Evidence, F

- irreducible forms of, F

- kinds of , F

- in proofs of God, F, I

Explanation, F

- complete, F

Faith, A, J, I

-and purpose, A

- and reason, J

-and revelation, J

- and suffering, L

- and unbelief, I

- and wishful thinking, I

Fields, D

- electromagnetic, D

- quantum, D

- space-time, D

Fine-Tuning (see Cosmological Fine-Tuning), D

Freedom, K

Galactic System, D

Galaxies, D

General Theory of Relativity, D

- and Einstein, D

- and inflationary universe, D

- and mass-energy, D

- and special theory of relativity, D

God, A-L

- as creator of past time, G

- as creator of the universe, D

- as designer of universe, D

- as infinite reality, F

- as transcending time, G

- as unconditioned reality, F

- as unique reality, F

- as unrestricted reality, F

Goodness, C

- and conscience, C

- desire for, C

- and God, C

- and justice, C

- and love, C

- in Newman, C

- perfect, C

- in Plato, C

- and transcendentals, C

Gravity, D

- and quantum cosmology, D

- and space time, D

- and vacuum energy, D

Happiness, A

History, J

Holy, C

Home, C

- desire for, C

- and God, C

- and mysticism, C

- perfect, C

- and transcendentals, C

- and Underhill, C

Hubble Constant, D

Hubble Expansion, D

Identity, A

Infinity, G

- actual, G

- and finite mathematics, G

- Hilbert’s prohibition of, G

- potential, G

- and power, F, G

- regression, F

Inflation, D

- and Borde and Vilenkin, D

- and creation of universe, D

- description of, D

- and Guth, D

- and regional universes, D

- and string theory, D

- and vacuum energy, D

Initial Conditions, D

Intelligence, C, D

- animal, C

- artificial, C

- divine, C, D

- human, C

Joy, C

Kalam argument, G

Kallosh, R.

Light, D

- speed of, D

Logic, F, I

- analytical contradiction, F, G, I

- contradiction of fact, F, G, I

- disjunctive syllogism, F

- implicative syllogism, F

- modus ponens, F

- modus tollens, F

Love, C, J, K, L

- and creator, C, J

- definition of, J

- desire for, C, J

- and empathy, J

- of God, C, J

- and goodness, C, J

- and human mystery, C, J

- and justice, C, J

- perfect, J

- and transcendentals, C

- unconditional, C, J

Mathematical Physics, D

Mathematics, G

- finite, G

- and Hilbert, G

- infinities in, G

- non-standard, G

- and past time, G

- the philosophy of, G

Metaphysics, F

- and God, F

- and physics, D, F

Method, D, F, G

- in metaphysics, F

- in science, D

M-Theory, D

Multiverse, D

Mystery, C, J

Mysticism, C, J

Near-death experiences, B

-blind people, B

-fear of death, B

- Gallup study, B

- - Moody, M.D. study, B

- Morse, M.D. study, B

- Ring, Ph.D. study, B

-transcendent experience, B

-Van Lommel, M.D. study, B

-verifiable aspects, B

Nothing, D

- ex nihilo, D

Ontology, F

- and the beautiful, C

Oscillating Universe, D

Peace, C

Physics, D

- and Big Bang Cosmology, D

- of early universe, D

- limits of, D

- and metaphysics, D

- method of, D

- in Planck era, D

- and universe, D

Pocket Universes (see also Bubble Universes), D

Prayer, J

Pre-Big-Bang Inflationary (PBBI) Model, D

Proof, F, I

- disproving, I

- evidence in, F, I

- and necessity, F

- and reasonable & responsible belief, F

- requisites for, F

- validity of, F

Proton, D

Purpose, A

Quantum Cosmology, D

- and gravity, D

- and Hawking, D

- and inflationary model universe, D

- and Planck era, D

- and string theory, D

Quantum Field, D

Quantum Fluctuation, D

Quark, D

Reality, F

- and being, F

- conditioned, F

- definition of, F

- unconditioned, F

- unrestricted, F

Red Shifts, D

Revelation, J

Simplicity, F

- and God, F

Singularity, D

- and Borde and Vilenkin, D

- in classical Big Bang Model, D

- in contemporary Big Bang Model, D

- and Guth, D

- and inflationary model universe, D

Soul, B

-and God, B

-and near death experiences, B

-and the transcendentals, C

Space, D

- characteristics in our universe, D

- definition of, D

- and energy, D

- in the General Theory of Relativity, D

- not nothing, D

- and space-time, D

- and universe, D

- variability of , D

Space-Time, D

- and general theory of relativity, D

- and gravity, D

- and mass-energy, D

- and the Planck era, D

- and universe, D

Stars, D

String Landscape Theory, D

String Theory, D

- and inflationary model universe, D

- M-Theory, D

- and Planck era, D

- and quantum cosmology, D

- Superstring Theory, D

Strong Force (See Strong Nuclear Force), D

Strong Nuclear Force, D

Suffering, K, L

-and compassion, L

-and courage, L

-and empathy, L

-and freedom, K

-and God, K&L

-and happiness, L

-from humans, K

-and identity, L

-and love, K&L

-from nature, L

Teleological, D

Time, D, G

- and age of the universe, D

- asymmetry of, D, G

- finitude of past, G

- and general theory of relativity, D

- and space-time, D

- succession of, G

- and universe, D,

Transcendentals, C

- and God, C

- in neo-Platonism, C

- perfect beauty, C

- perfect goodness, C

- perfect home, C

- perfect justice, C

- perfect love, C

- perfect truth, C

- presence to human consciousness, C

Transmateriality of humans, B

Truth, C, F

- perfect, C

- restricted, C

- and transcendentals, C

Typicality (of our universe), D

Unconditioned Reality, F

- and causation, F

- and conditioned reality, F

- definition of, F

- and God, F

- proof of, F

- and uncaused cause, F

- uniqueness of, F

Understanding, D

Uniqueness, F

- of absolutely simple reality, F

- of God, F

- and transcendentals, C

Unity, F

- and manifolds, G

- and simplicity, F

- of space, D

- in space-time, D

Universe, D

- constants of, D

- creation of , D

- definition of, D

- finite age of, D

- finite mass of, D

- finite span of , D

- and Guth, D

- and Linde, D

- and multiverse, D

- pocket (see regional), D

- and space, D

- supernatural design of, D

- and time, D

Unrestricted Reality, F

- and A-infinity, G

- definition of, F

- proof of , F

- uniqueness of , F

Weak Force, D

- and other constants, D

- and supernatural design of universe, D

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